Turbo compressor cover - Inlet Flange Modification

Eaton MotorWorks

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This modification swaps out the standard coupler and worm clamp solution for a quick-release clamping option that requires zero tools for installation & removal of your intake pipe.

Work performed :

  •  The compressor cover's factory flange is machined off & a receiving groove is then machined for the weld ferrule to be installed 

    The ferrule and compressor cover are matched to such a high tolerance that simply heating the ferrule and pressing till cool is enough to hold things in place prior to welding.

Clamp assemblies you can choose from :

  • Vibrant performance vanjen assembly -  4"-5" DIameter  ( Aluminum & Titanium

  • LPS Alphaloc clamping assembly - 4" Diameter only  ( Aluminum & Titanium )

Pricing : 

A flat-rate service fee of $200 

Assemblies are priced accordingly to the size and material selected.

Please put in the notes section what color you would like

Shipping :

Turn around time is up to 1.5 weeks upon delivery of your compressor cover.  Please wait 3 days prior to shipping your compressor cover to me in the case clamp assemblies are out of stock from our supplier. We will notify you if that is the case. 


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