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Let’s start with a small backstory on how this product came to be:

 I originally designed the EMW 4G63 DSM & EVO swirl pots for the electric water-pump user. The swirl pots entertained a lot of stock water-pump users, which resulted in me having to design a remotely located swirl pot. The location of the remote mounted unit was fine for most users, but it required additional work to the factory water housings to make it usable. Either a single -16/-20 AN bung welded to the factory housing or a new fabricated housing (simple flange with a bung welded in place). Those options worked, but... I never liked how it visually looked, and I think that matters. I also wanted to design such a product that I didn’t just use for my own products, but for other users to design their own setup if they saw it a better fit.
 So that brings us to the release of our new to the market 4G63 Billet Thermostat Housing.

 Designed to be used with either our swirl pot setup or standalone using a threaded -20 AN ORB fitting for use of a remotely mounted swirl pot.  This housing can also not be used with a swirl pot system if you have a radiator mounted filler cap. (I do recommend a swirl pot to be used)

Key features: 

  •  Precision CNC machined in house out of aerospace-grade 6061 billet aluminum.

  •  Sleek 2-piece design, Due to the nature of its construction the cylinder head mounting bolts are internally placed, Requiring the user to install them in two operations.

  • x1 – 3/8" NPT threaded port for use of a factory Coolant temp sensor.

  • x1 - 1/8" NPT threaded port for use of the factory Temp Gauge sensor.   

  • -20 AN ORB threaded port which can be used with either a -16 to -20 adapter or a -20 to -20 connector.
  •  160* Mishimoto sealed thermostat. (Easy to source for future replacement)

  •  High flow straight pathed design
  •  Single O-ring design
  •  Stainless steel & Titanium hardware available.

  •  The weldable non-threaded front housing is sized for a 1 ¾” Tube

  •  Available in Titanium (custom request, please email EatonMotorWorks@Gmail.com for pricing. Serious inquiries only please, Titanium is not cheap)



  •  Due to the nature of its design, there are no Heater core provision ports directly off this housing. There is however bottom ports on our swirl pots that can be used.

  •  2G 7 bolt users need to use a 6 bolt water-pipe or a water-pump adapter to remove the stock water-pipe. 

  •  EVO users will need to block off a couple of ports on their waterpipe


 The base options priced at $349.95 + Shipping.  Shipping outside of the USA will require additional shipping charges.

 Titanium Hardware will be additional (can be left raw, burnt & colored to a specific color)

 Powder coating in wrinkle black will be additional
 I can supply either a -16 ORB to -20 ORB adapter or -20 to -20 ORB for an additional charge.  

 If you are interested in purchasing this item with a swirl pot. Please check out our V2 Swirl pot section & you will be able to place your order there for a complete setup.

 I will be trying to keep these in stock at all times & will only be running batches, if inventory runs dry there will be a 4-8 week lead time.


 Any questions prior to ordering feel free to drop me an email @ EatonMotorWorks@Gmail.com.

 Thank you for looking –
Brandon _ owner of Eaton MotorWorks.

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