4G63 Exhaust Manifold Flange ( DSM / EVO )

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So, let me be clear due to the high amount of inquiries so that your time and mine aren't wasted. These flanges cost over $450 to produce just one flange. These are made to order and the cost reflects that. If you are looking to become a distributor or are interested in quantities over 5 units wholesale pricing is available & a Jobber account can be created.  


 As you can see it's very different compared to any other CNC'd flange on the market. I designed this model to specifically work with sch10 pipe ( machined fit +.005" tolerance ) with a .145" lock in depth. I had some issues with other flanges on the market I wanted to correct, issues being the extensive time resurfacing the flange face after welding & time port matching the I:D between elbow and flange & weld clearance issues with the top nut locations. I corrected all these issues & added some additional features I wanted.

 Features :
  • Machined out of a 16"x3"x2" 304 Stainless bar stock. 

  • Machined fit for sch10 pipe.

  • .5" flange thickness - 1.75" total thickness ( welding is done 1.75" from flange face which combats flange twisting, this means the flange does not need to be resurfaced after welding )

  • Outlet ports sit below the centerline of the exhaust ports for clearance to the upper 4 fasteners. 

  • All fastener locations have a sunken washer face solely for esthetic purposes 

  • all 4 flange inlet ports are roughly .125" larger than stock exhaust head ports. I did this for the guys who plan to go all-out running High boost applications and port their cylinder heads. It also gets rid of the bottom dip other flanges have from being transitioned on a .5" flange. Once the cylinder head ports are matched and transitioned it allows for a 100% smooth transition between the port and sch10 inlet

  • The outlet port is machined exactly to the ID dimensions of the sch10 pipe for ( ZERO ) port work by the fabricator.

  • Under each exhaust port is a 1/8" NPT threaded port for - Backpressure monitoring or EGT monitoring.

  • One feature not shown & will be implemented on further flanges is an o-ring sealing grove for use of a 1/8" copper o-ring. This will eliminate the use of a  traditional sealing gasket.

  • Designed specifically around a 12-point hardware kit. Factory & similar nuts won't work. 
( Manufacturing lead time - 4-8 weeks ) 

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